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Royals Athletics

Mascoma Valley Regional High School


Royals Athletics

Mascoma Valley Regional High School

Royals Athletics

Mascoma Valley Regional High School

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Posted 1 year ago @ 12:33PM

Mascoma Valley Visiting Team Information - Winter 2021

Mascoma Valley Regional High School

 Visiting Team Information


  • No spectators allowed at both home and away competitions vs. Mascoma per district policy. 

  • Visiting teams and officials must be temperature checked and screened before entering our school. Please provide a copy of your screening document with all personnel in attendance to the Athletic Director upon arrival. 

  • Masks are required for all in attendance. Officials: electronic whistles required.

  • Visiting teams required to provide their own basketballs for warmups. 

  • No locker room access - teams come prepared to compete. 

  • Bathrooms will be marked for visiting teams. 

  • During halftime - the home team will remain in the gym; while the visiting team will use the hallway adjacent to gymnasium to debrief. 

  • Game basketballs will be cleaned/disinfected between quarters and bench areas between games. 

  • No shared water stations, please provide your own water. 


Arriving to Mascoma Valley Regional HS for winter sports competitions

27 Royal Road

Canaan, NH 03741



  • We are currently TEAM & COACHES ONLY, NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. Bus drivers are not permitted. 

  • When entering the school drive, please take the LEFT TURN and follow the BUS LOOP around to the back of the building.

  • Upon arriving at the back of the building, please disembark and use the SECOND SET of double doors to enter the building. The bus may park there during the visit. 

  • Only use the hallway that you enter and proceed to the gym. There is a girls bathroom ahead on the RIGHT just before the gym entrance and a boys bathroom around the corner, across from your gym entrance.

  • Please use only this Gym entrance and bathrooms. You will be given that side of the gym. Bleachers will be used for socially distanced team seating, everyone properly masked.

We look forward to having you as our guests and competitors. Thank you for

embracing these safety precautions along with us.


If you have any needs or questions please contact.

~ Rodney Brown, Athletic Director -


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